Hi there! 

I'm Laity (pronounced Lay-tee or Lay-i-tee), depending on who you're talking to, and I'm the woman behind Jypsea.

I started the business in 2009, so I've now been open for over 10 years now.


I think I've always had a camera in hand - from days taking my Grandads old school cam corder for a spin, to my first overseas holiday at 7, when my parents bought me my first disposable film camera. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a photographer. At age 14 I worked 2 jobs to save for my first DSLR and jumped head first into studying photography as soon as I left school.

I'm a bit of a beach girl, having spent most summer days at the beach with my family either surfing, snorkelling or travelling down south for the swell - my Dad's always been a big surfer.

I've since met my dream man who also loves to surf and one of our favourite things is to road trip down south - him surfing, me photographing, usually with some red wine and an antipasto plate, and in March 2021 we officially tied the knot (down south of course!).

I truly love what I do - being able to connect with people, especially at such special moments in their life is something so beautiful. I love that I get to share in the love, the laughter and the joy of your day and know that these moments will be passed on long after we've left this little planet. That your grandkids will sit around your dining room table, passing around one of the best momets of your life - what a beautiful thought!

So reach out, get in touch, whatever you want to call it - I can't wait to create some magic with you.

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