Hi there! 

I'm Laity (pronounced Lay-tee or Lay-i-tee), depending on who you're talking to, and I'm the woman behind Jypsea.

I started the business in 2009, so I've now been open for over 10 years now.


I think I've always had a camera in hand - from days taking my Grandads old school cam corder for a spin, to my first overseas holiday at 7, when my parents bought me my first disposable film camera. As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a photographer. At age 14 I worked 2 jobs to save for my first DSLR and jumped head first into studying photography as soon as I left school.

I'm a bit of a beach girl, having spent most summer days at the beach with my family either surfing, snorkelling or travelling down south for the swell - my Dad is an avid surfer!

I've since met my dream man who also loves to surf and one of our favourite things is to road trip down south - him surfing, me photographing, usually with some red wine and an antipasto plate, and in March 2021 we're officially tying the knot (down south of course!).

I truely love what I do - being able to connect with people, especially at such special moments in their life is something so beautiful. I am so lucky to have done this as long as I have and I have no intentions of ever stopping.

So reach out, get in touch, whatever you want to call it - I can't wait to hear about you & your shoot.



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