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I'm Laity - the human behind Jypsea. My name is pronounced Lay-tee (like Katie with an L).

My love affair with cameras started back in the 90's, when I'd steal my Grandad's old school camcorder and pretend I was a film-maker (seriously though, how good were they!). Things really took off when I was 7 when my parents bought me a disposable film camera.

Fast forward to 14 where I worked two jobs just to save for a DSLR, where I counted down the days until I could study photography for real. Over 11 years later and Jypsea is my dream business, and my clients are some of the greatest humans I've ever met *pinch me*

I'm a beach girl through and through. Dad has always been a big surfer so it’s basically in my DNA. We spent summers by the ocean – snorkelling, travelling down south for the swell and being as sun-kissed as humanly possible. That’s still my favourite way to spend free time, only now, I get to do it with my man too. He’s also a surfing and road trip connoisseur. It usually goes a little like this: he surfs, I take photos, we drink copious amounts of red wine and eat our weight in antipasto. We even got married down south in March 2021. Best. Day. Ever.

I love capturing our memories. I can’t wait to share them with our kids one day and give them a little glimpse into the life we had before them, just like my parents did with me.


So that’s why I’m here – to do the same for you.


The best part about being a photographer is connecting with people, basking in your love, your laughter and some of your happiest times. It lights me up knowing that I get to be the one that ensures you can look back on those moments forever. It gives me the warm and fuzzies inside.


If you’ve had a lurk of my portfolio, you’ve probably already got a sense of how I like to shoot. My work is naturally candid and showcases you in a way that allows you to shine authentically. No mindless snapping, and no awkward posing. My job is just as much about making you feel comfortable as it is about taking incredible keepsakes.


What I can promise, is that I’ll organically highlight your personality in the photos I take, and you’ll feel as relaxed as possible along the way. (Just ask my hubby – I don’t think he’d even stepped foot in front of a camera before I came along).


Plus, we’ll probably be friends for life afterwards if I have anything to do with it.


So let’s chat! My inbox is always open.

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